100th Post…for a special race…

Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon
Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon

Wow…100 posts in my running blog.  What a milestone.  When I set out to write about my race experiences, my training, my injuries, my day-to-day struggles with running…I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  But, the fact is, I’ve quite enjoyed this journey.  Since starting this blog, I have accomplished so much in my running.  With 100 posts behind me…I am eagerly anticipating the rest of this year and seeing where my running shoes, my legs, and my spirit take me.

That being said…tonight after work, I am hopping a flight out of town (just as Kentucky Derby weekend kicks off, so this was amazing timing!) and heading up to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Why?  Well…to visit my grandpa (yes…the man, the myth, the legend…my running hero and inspiration), my aunt, my cousins, and one of my besties (Heather!!), of course.  But another reason is…to run in a half marathon that my grandpa has run.

That half marathon…

The Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon.

Grandpa and me in our race shirts in summer 2011 - his is a Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon shirt.
Grandpa and me in our race shirts in summer 2011 – his is a Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon shirt.

He talked a lot about this race when I was visiting him for his 90th birthday almost two years ago.  In fact, he suggested we take pictures in race shirts, so I grabbed the one I had from my furthest distance race at that time (it was a 5 miler…I was recovering from injury at the time and heading into my first half marathon – Chicago – that September) and he grabbed his Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon race shirt.  I don’t remember what year he ran it…but look for yourself at the picture.  It makes me smile…just thinking that I’m actually following in his footsteps on this one.  He talked a lot about this race.  Raved about it…so I knew…I knew it had to be one of the ones I ran in Minnesota.

Of course, nothing is easy when it comes to traveling for a race.  On May 1, 2013, Minnesota had snow dumped on it.  Like…massive amounts of snow.  SNOW!  It’s MAY!  So, with no clue how to even dress for this race I’m packing a little of everything and will make a game time decision on the official race attire.

As for now, I’m eagerly anticipating my packet pick-up tomorrow morning, seeing my grandpa, perhaps talking a little with him about the race.  I looked at the elevation chart and their seems to be quite a few hills.  That’s okay…I’m learning to embrace the torture of hills.  My focus, of course, is on finishing.  As it should be.

So…while most eyes in my town will be glued to the track at Churchill Downs, my feet are going to be carrying me from Wayzata, Minnesota down to Excelsior, Minnesota.  I couldn’t be happier about it.  I’m really looking forward to having a great time in Minnesota…with family…with friends…and with the runners who are taking on the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon with me on Sunday.

No place I’d rather be!

2 Replies to “100th Post…for a special race…”

  1. Wow! What a wonderful milestone on your 100th post and no better way to commemorate than with the special person who has passed down those running genes! Fabulous Full Circle Moment!

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