A cold and wet start predicted for this year’s Frankfort Trifecta series

A cold, wet start for the Frankfort Trifecta racing series
A cold, wet start for the Frankfort Trifecta racing series

So…tomorrow I go to run in Frankfort, Kentucky.

To run.

You know what that means?

It’s gotta rain.  I have yet to run a race there where it didn’t rain on me or rain prior to or after a race.  I. AM. NOT. JOKING.

So, it only seems fitting that the racing series (3 races) that Frankfort, Kentucky hosts each year kicks off with winter temperatures and rainy weather.  Right?


After enjoying a long run this morning in 60 degree temperatures and having the high hit around 71 degrees…the fact that it’s going to be low 30s tomorrow evening with lots of rain doesn’t make me eager to put on my running shoes and head to Frankfort to run.  In fact, last year this race was run in beautiful weather.  A little warm for my liking…but sunny.  It stormed after I left…but at least the race saw nice weather.

Tomorrow is the first race of the series – The Good Shepherd Run For The Gold 3K.

Short little race.  But…a nice run, regardless.  Runs in Frankfort are always nice.  I always get rained on, but the city is gorgeous, the people are amazing, and I have to admit…I love running there.  So…just under 2 miles tomorrow evening, at 6:30 p.m.  Rain…is pretty much guaranteed.  Cold weather…oh yeah…expect that too.

Me being unhappy…definitely expect that.

There is definitely something badass and enriching about running in the rain.  But…I still have to leave Frankfort to come back to Louisville…and doing that soaking wet and cold doesn’t sound like fun.  At all.  And it’s not.  Been there, done that…more times than I can count.

So, I’ll probably grouch around for much of tomorrow about the weather, try to figure out what to wear for this short little run, go and get my wintery, wet run of suck out of the way, then head back home.

And pray that the next two races see better temperatures and weather.

The Frankfort Trifecta series also includes the Pro.Active For Life 5K on May 17th and the Capital City Stampede 10K on June 15th.  It makes the Run For The Gold the only race in this series to run in the same month as the Louisville Triple Crown of Running.  And, thankfully, this year it isn’t running on the same day as one of the Louisville races.  Last year, I ran the Rhodes City Run 10K in Louisville in the morning, then hopped over to Frankfort for the Run For The Gold 3K that evening.  Crazy day, that one.

So…aside from miserable weather, all I want to do is run a good race and just have a good time.  In the end, rain or shine, cold or heat, that’s what it’s all about.  And, I do have a soft spot for this racing series.  While some runners might shy away from the cold, wet run tomorrow…I will embrace it.  Begrudgingly, of course…but I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

For the record…winter can go away now.  I run better when I’m not cold or in layers.

Alright, Frankfort…bring on the rain…bring on the cold…bring on the run!

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