First race of 2013 is finally here!

Frostbite 5K

Frostbite 5K

This race was the first race of 2012.  Following suit…it is also my first race in my 2013 race season.  It’s the Frostbite 5K…the second race in Louisville’s very own three race series – the Polar Bear Grand Prix.  Oh…and it runs this morning.

While this race does take place in the hilly world of Cherokee Park, the start and finish are not up at Hogan’s Fountain as usual.  This always throws me off because I’m so used to the Cherokee Park 5Ks starting and finishing there…I know when to expect hills when we start from there.  But for this race, we start and finish at the rugby field…which is somewhere in the middle of the park.  Therefore, while we start off going uphill, at least our finish is more downhill instead of uphill as usual.  It’s different.  Nothing wrong with different.

For the second year in a row, the unseasonably warm weather has rolled into the Louisville area.  Nothing wrong with that.  I won’t complain.  I love good weather on race day.  And as long as the rain holds off until after I run, it will be the perfect morning for a race.  The Weather Channel (or as my roomie and I call it – The Lying Channel) has the current temperature at 9 a.m. (start time for the race) as being 61°F.

Yep.  61° for the Frostbite 5K.  I’m thinking they may need to rename this race in the future should this trend continue.

For the time…I won’t complain.  I’ll embrace the milder weather and go out there and run as best I can.  The goal…to simply enjoy the run.  Nothing more.

But a little luck and good thoughts is always welcome…


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