Running for chocolate…again…but this time it’s hot (the chocolate, that is)

Hot Chocolate 15K
Hot Chocolate 15K

In the time following the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon I have yet to take a day off.  Seriously.  I’ve already started up my training program for my half marathon in December up in Indianapolis.  No rest for the road racer, that’s for sure.  I haven’t actually given this much fun.  While I have had days where I have not run, my legs have still been put through the ringer with elliptical, the stationary bike, and the circuit routine that I’ve been doing to help strengthen my core.  No, these legs haven’t seen any rest.

But they do get a break for the next two days.  It’s a short-lived break, however.  Because I’m headed up to Columbus, Ohio.  Initially this trip wasn’t for a race at all.  When I read up on the race in Columbus, it just happened to coincide with my journey that way.  Which was great.

The initial reason for my trip is to go and see The Monkees up in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday.  This is going to make for a long drive back to my friend Jenn’s that night…and a really early morning on Sunday to get up and head to the race.

But…it’s America’s Sweetest Race.  So, how could I turn down another opportunity to run for…hot chocolate!

Yes, my friends…I am running in the Hot Chocolate 15K in Columbus, Ohio.  Probably on very few hours of sleep and still tired legs…but it’s going to be a fun race.  And it will set my initial benchmark for a 15K race, as it is my first one at that distance.  It’s exciting.  It’s…also going to be cold.  So…you know I’m going to be hesitant to even step outside and go run.  But…I’ll just keep telling myself that hot chocolate awaits me at the finish line…along with other chocolate goodies (most of which, due to my food allergies, I can’t have…but I have Jenn and Cathy there…and they can).

Why the Hot Chocolate 15K…aside from the fact that I was already going to be in town?  Well…the swag bag is awesome.  You get a jacket.  YES…a jacket.  How totally awesome is that.  And the finisher’s medal isn’t one you wear around your neck.  Nope.  It’s a Finisher’s Mug…which will contain hot cocoa, chocolate fondue and other chocolate treats!  Running for chocolate rules!  And after a cold 9.3 miles…that hot chocolate is going to taste fantastic.

Tired legs, cold weather and concert fatigue aside…I think it will be a really fun race.

Stay tuned…

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