The Not-So-Fun Ice Capades at Home

icypavement_zpscieiceo4First of all, yesterday’s post was my 1500th post on this blog.  That’s pretty awesome, yes?  YES!?

I think so!

I was still on a high this morning from my first pain-free day in almost a year…and when I did my core work and PT stretches, the trend continued.  A twinge here or there…but no pain.  I got through all of the stretches and exercises without wincing once.  Not once.

Two days in a row.  WOOT!

So, I happily made gluten-free funfetti Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast this morning and prepped to head to the gym for a bit of cross-training.  No swimming currently due to sinus issues…but at least do a little something today.  I ate, did dishes, got stuff ready for the gym and headed out.

With freezing fog, 10 degree temps, and cold air that made me cough just inhaling it, it was no surprise that there was frost all over my car windows.  My roommate started up the car and I grabbed the scraper and went to work.  As I finished up the passenger side of the car, I crossed behind to hit up the drivers side…and my foot found black ice.


So…I slipped.  I immediately countered in an attempt to find balance again.  The shift through my balance off as my foot just moved with it…and…


Down I went.  Hard.  I sat there for a moment, every bone in my body having been jarred by the fall…but I felt fine.  My roommate got out and helped me up and I moved away from the black ice.  I was now…hurting.


I finished scraping the windows and got into the car to go to the gym.  Now, being more cautious due to the fall.

So, the day started off really well…but one little slip on black ice sort of brought that happy, healing feeling to a crashing halt.  I know people love to run in snow, but this is one reason I don’t anymore.  I sprained my ankle a little over a year ago on ice…and that made it clear I needed to stay in on these days.  With that being said, I did get my workout in at the gym, then went and got coffee and finished up grocery shopping.

And…I’m sporting a bit of a bruise…but at least a bruise is all I ended up with.

Be safe out there.  Black ice is hard to see…and you may not see it until you’re on the ground.

Stay safe!

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