The Lottery

Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon

More and more road races are going to a lottery system for registration.  The latest to announce this – The Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

I am so glad I ran this one this past year.  I never have the luck of the draw when it comes to a lottery draw.  I am actually surprised it has taken this long for Chicago to do a lottery system for their marathon.  Regardless, I wasn’t intending to run this one this fall…but it definitely holds a special place in my heart.  It always will.

It was my first marathon!

Marine Corps Marathon went to lottery as well.  I thought about running this one…but I chose another instead this time around.

But it’s on the list.

If the lottery ever works in my favor.

To those hoping to get into Chicago this year…good luck!

1 thought on “The Lottery

  1. My Mom picked this one for me because she wants the vacation. The running group is also trying for it. I think with 45k slots, I will have a good chance. I’m glad you got to experience it last year.

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