Oh, Mamacita!

Taco Mamacita
Taco Mamacita, Nashville, Tennessee

Sometimes, grabbing food on the road can be difficult when you are a vegetarian.  So many restaurants cater to the meat and potatoes crowd.  If you aren’t a carnivore, well, have a salad and, perhaps, some soup…if we’re featuring one without meat in it today.  Those soup of the day can be tricky as a lot of the cream-based one have cream of chicken soup in it anyway.  So…what is a vegetarian to do?

There are some cities in this world that offer up quite the offering for the meat-eaters and the vegetarians alike.  In Nashville, Tennessee, Taco Mamacita is one of those places.

Upon entering, it’s a friendly environment.  The staff is cheerful and helpful.  Drink orders are taken as you settle in, and when they are put on the table, you are asked if you’ve ever been there before.  Since neither my roommate or I had, our waiter was really quick to offer suggestions.  I love hearing what people who work there like to eat.  If it’s good enough for them, well…it’s gotta be good enough for the general public, and foodies like myself.

Of course, I threw the monkey wrench into the circuits with the declaration that, “I’m a vegetarian.”  Have no fear, my veggie-loving friends.  Taco Mamacita has its own vegan menu.  Not even kidding.  An entire menu with vegan selections, all of which made it very difficult to choose one thing to have.  In addition to that, they have gluten-free options as well.  Could this place get any better?

Chips & Salsa
Taco Mamacita's chips and salsa appetizer, Nashville, Tennessee

If the chips and salsa were any indication…yes.  Just enough spice to heat up the mouth without being uncomfortable, their salsa was the perfect consistency and the perfect heat.  And…was it ever delicious!

My roommate and I placed our orders.  She decided to start a Travel Channel war, and chose a pork taco, the Carnita, in honor of my chef hero, Anthony Bourdain, and a steak taco, the Royale, in honor of Adam Richman.  Her side?  The cilantro-spinach rice.  She really is branching out these days!

As for me, I ordered off the vegan menu, a delicious order of the vegan enchiladas.  These delicious treats are corn tortillas that were stuffed full of cilantro spinach rice, yellow corn, diced tomatoes, black beans and cilantro.  They were liberally doused in their homemade salsa verde.  They looked amazing when they came out.  They tasted even better.  I enjoyed every last bit…and splurged and got my favorite side with them – sweet potato fries.

Taco Mamacita is doing what more restaurants need to be doing.  They are catering to the average diner, but also have separate menus for vegetarians/vegans and those with a gluten intolerance.  What’s even better…they love it when these special cases come in.  They enthusiastically grab the alternate menu and begin to make suggestions for the new diner.  How awesome!

There are a lot of good restaurants in the Nashville area, but it’s going to be difficult to get me to go anywhere other than Taco Mamacita now.  They serve up delicious food on top of everything else.  It’s a place that needs to be on more people’s maps.  Especially if you are craving a taco…and not those fast-food Taco Bell ones either.  Real tacos.  Real food.  Really damn good.

Vegan Enchiladas
Vegan Enchiladas and Sweet Potato Fries at Taco Mamacita, Nashville, Tennessee

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