Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix makes moistest, softest gluten-free brownies

Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix
Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix

Product: Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix – $5.99+

Moist.  Soft.  Delicious.

These aren’t words that normally people would think of when someone says the “dreaded” words gluten-free.  And trust me…people can be that finicky when it comes to whether or not they try a dish or not.  Believe me…I see it happen every time I bring in food to my office.  There are very few people willing to give something a try.  It’s sad…because one always hopes that people will at least try something you bring in.

That being said, I have a lot of baking mixes in my pantry and I finally used up the last of my Swiss Colony Chocolano cookies that I ordered before Christmas.  (For the record, those are amazing and you totally get more than the 16 cookies they list on the container.  Would order those again in a heartbeat!).  So…a new dessert was needed for this week.

After a quick consult of my gluten-free pantry list, I noticed that Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix was the next sweet treat up for baking.  Now, I’ve had so much luck with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free items that I didn’t even hesitate when it came to making these up.  Honestly.  Nothing I’ve cooked up from a gluten-free mix from Bob’s Red Mill has done me wrong.  Nothing.

And mixing this up was super easy.  With my new Kitchenaid handheld mixer, I blended together the mix, warm water, melted margarine, and an egg.  It was that simple.  And what emerged was a creamy, thick batter just begging to be poured and spread over a greased 9×13 pan.  But…there’s more.  I could have stopped there, but I have a pantry of goodies as well and I figured why not add some dark and mint morsels to the mix?  Minty brownies?!  Yes, please!  So, I folded in about 1/4 cup of the morsels and then poured the brownies into the pan.

Into my oven these went for about 23 minutes.  And when the timer went off, I was fully prepared (as usual) to test it with a toothpick and have to put it back into the oven for another few minutes, check again, and repeat until the toothpick was clean.  Except, Bob’s Red Mill’s Gluten-Free Brownies were actually done…right on time.  My toothpick I inserted right into the center came out clean on the first try.

When I pulled these from the oven, I found that the surface was shiny and they smelled awesome.  I let them cool for about 45 minutes and then just had to try one.  So, my roomie and I decided to cut a piece and split it.

Verdict:  We both stood there with this super-moist, light, soft brownie, chewing slowly, savoring…

This is the best brownie mix I’ve used so far since going gluten-free.  Sure, I’ve liked the Hodgson Mill and even the Betty Crocker…but they weren’t as moist and soft and light as how Bob’s Red Mill’s Gluten-Free mix baked up.  Honestly.  I took a bite, feeling the moist crumbs tumble across my tongue and went, “Oh. My. God.”  Then…devour mode was switched on.  And that was a bite that didn’t even have the added dark and mint morsels!!

My roomie, who can eat any brownie she wants, also declared these as amazing.  She loved the taste and texture as much as I did.  And that rich, creamy, chocolate flavor was so amazing.  It’s rich, without being too much.  And the softness of each brownie just makes you crave more.  As much as I raved about the previous brownies I made up with gluten-free mixes…they don’t even begin to compare to the way these turned out.

And, for the ultimate test, I took one of these brownies into my teammate at work.  She has a very discerning palate, and she took one bite and said that the consistency was perfect.  The flavor was awesome.  And she enjoyed it as much as the roomie and I did.  That, my dear friends, is a huge SCORE!!

Bob’s Red Mill once again for the win.

So what makes these brownies so spectacular, rich, deep and intense?  Well, they have a moist, cake-like texture…which I love.  I prefer cake brownies to fudge brownies any day.  And Bob’s Red Mill uses Ghirardelli cocoa to coax out that rich flavor.  Delicious.  No wonder they are a decadent treat!

As for nutrition facts…these make 16 brownies…but I found those would be rather large for my liking.  I love dessert, but small bites are usually enough.  So I managed 24 brownies from my pan.  This, naturally, changes the nutrition facts.  If you make 24 brownies out of the mix though, your fudgey, moist brownie treat will only set you back 145 calories and 7 grams of fat.  Less than that if you don’t add the baking chips to the mix.  That’s about perfect for a dessert and you still get a really decent sized square of brownie without it being too much.  Let’s face it…dessert comes after a meal…you really just need a couple of bites.

I’m already looking forward to sinking my teeth into another brownie tonight after dinner.  These are the gluten-free brownies that dreams are made of.  Even if you aren’t gluten-free…you’ll love these.  You’d never know the difference.  Trust me.

Gluten-Free Brownies with Dark & Mint Chocolate Morsels made with Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix
Gluten-Free Brownies with Dark & Mint Chocolate Morsels made with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix

The Really Great Food Company mixes up really great gluten-free Spinach Cheese Biscuits

The Really Great Food Company Gluten-Free Spinach Cheese Biscuit Mix
The Really Great Food Company Gluten-Free Spinach Cheese Biscuit Mix

Product: The Really Great Food Company Gluten-Free Spinach Cheese Biscuit Mix – $6.19+

You know…when a gluten-free company goes all out and calls itself The Really Great Food Company, well, they better be able to back up that claim.  That being said, I had never heard of said company prior to a little visit to Milwaukee and a stop inside the Gluten-Free Trading Company.  If you are ever in Milwaukee, do stop in.  It’s a completely gluten-free grocery store.  And it is awesome!!

Anyway, on my second visit there in two days, I was stocking up on more goodies for the gluten-free pantry at home and came across a few mixes that were produced by The Really Great Food Company.  Huh.  I was actually intrigued because this was something I couldn’t get where I lived.

After toiling over which product to try, my roommate and I finally decided that the Spinach and Cheese Biscuit mix sounded like it could be an epic win (or an epic fail), so we went with that.  Purchase made.  And a lot of products to go through in my pantry prior to this one meant…it sat…and sat…and sat.  Until last night.

You see…our workout schedule runs so that we go to the gym every other day.  Well, this week it just happens to be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday sort of week.  And after hitting up the gym, we head to our office and I nuke something I brought (homemade or otherwise) for us to feast on because by then we are truly starving.  Since this mix was getting close to expiration, this is what I mixed up and baked up for post-workout brekkies this week.

Now, the box itself says that it only makes 9 biscuits.  Heh.  I managed to get 13 out of it.  And as these are not made in traditional biscuit methods (not drop biscuits or cooked up in a pan), but rather made in muffin tins…they seem more like a roll than a biscuit…but this is just me nitpicking every little detail.

The Really Great Food Company Gluten-Free Spinach Cheese Biscuit Mix (mixed and prepped with cheese and spinach)
The Really Great Food Company Gluten-Free Spinach Cheese Biscuit Mix (mixed and prepped with cheese and spinach)

Making these was super easy.  In a bowl, I beat together 2 eggs, some canola oil, and some unsweetened almond milk.  From there, I the mix itself and beat that in as well.  Then, the spinach,  chopped cheddar cheese, and shredded Parmesan cheese all got folded into the mix.  The resulting mixture was then placed into muffin tins and baked in a 375°F oven for about 27 minutes.

Now, if possible, I do try to bake an extra item of the new product I am trying out…just in case it isn’t any good.  Because, after a hard workout, the last thing you want to find out is that your breakfast is nasty.  Not good.  That being said, I put it to the test, as always, with my roommate.  I gave her the 13th biscuit and eagerly awaited her reaction.

“Pretty good.”

Hmmm…pretty good is not what I strive for when I bake something up.  But she wasn’t spitting it out making obscene facial expressions, so…pretty good would have to do.  The rest of the biscuits/rolls were put into containers and prepped for our three gym days this week.

After hitting the gym this morning, we arrived very hungry at the office.  I set to the task of getting our breakfasts ready.  Here was the first snag.  Apparently I needed to spray down the muffin papers I baked them in because I found that the wrappers stuck to the product itself.  Booo.  But, this wouldn’t be the first time I encountered that…so I set to work, carefully peeling and making sure I was getting mostly paper and not mostly biscuit.  Once I accomplished that task, it was a simple reheat in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  Good to go.

When I asked my roomie her thoughts on the biscuits, she said, “I like the cheese.”

Again…not very helpful or useful for my blog…so…here’s my rundown…

The Really Great Food Company knows how to make biscuits!  Honestly.  What shocked me most was that, despite being filled with chunks of cheddar cheese and slices of spinach, these biscuits aren’t dense in the slightest.  They are light and airy.  And the Parmesan cheese that was added to the batter melted down into the biscuits as they baked, giving each bite a cheesy flavor.  Get a bite with a chunk of cheddar and it’s like cheese nirvana in your mouth.  Light…fluffy…and delicious.  I couldn’t stop eating mine.  I had two biscuits for breakfast and they were devoured faster than I’ve eaten anything on a gym day.  Every bite just tasted amazing.  From the spinach to the cheese to the light batter itself, this biscuit was gluten-free perfection.

My only regret now is that I can’t find this brand around here.  Thankfully, they do have a Web site and you can order their products online.  And, trust me, I think I may do that…see what else they offer and if it lives up to the standard these biscuits have now set.

Gluten-free doesn’t have to mean heavy, dense breads.  Nope.  The Really Great Food Company proved once and for all that even something as simple as a biscuit/roll can have a light, airy texture and tons of flavor.  I’m really, really hooked.  The hard part now will be saving them specifically for gym days.

It may sound cheesy (heh heh…see what I did there?) but these biscuits truly are a gluten-free culinary work of art.  If you can find the mix…purchase it and bake it.  If you can order it online, I encourage you to do so.  I was beyond impressed.

I was wowed!

The Really Great Food Company Spinach Cheese Biscuits
The Really Great Food Company Spinach Cheese Biscuits

Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix a dream to bake

Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten-Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix
Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten-Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix

Product: Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten-Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix – $5.99+

Thanks to a Manager’s Special at my local grocery store, I was able to pick up a couple of gluten-free cake/brownie/pancake  mixes on super-duper sale (aka: a price I could afford!) from Cherrybrook Kitchen.  I have used a few of their mixes before and have always enjoyed the results.  So being able to give their Gluten-Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix a try was a dream come true.  I was already excited about the prospect of the type of cake this mix could yield.

Well, as it was a yellow cake mix…and I had every other necessary ingredient in the pantry and fridge…I gave an option to my roommate.  I could bake it up as-is…and we could top it off with melted chocolate or something.  OR I could possibly be persuaded to bake up her absolute favorite cake I have ever made for her…a gluten-free lemon chiffon cake, which, yes, uses a box of yellow cake mix.

Given the option, she chose to go with her favorite cake (I had pretty much expected that!), so this beautiful box of yellow cake mix was about to become a lemony work of food porn…er…art.

The only snag being that the recipe I have for this cake calls for 15 ounces of cake mix…and the Cherrybrook Kitchen boxes have 16.4 ounces.  No big deal for me, however, as I have a fantastic kitchen scale and I simply got out a bowl, zeroed out the weight, and poured until I hit 15 ounces.  I rolled up the remainder of the mix to make into a cake mug one day soon.

Following the instructions for my recipe, not on the box, to bake up this cake, I set to it, adding the necessary ingredients (orange juice, eggs, lemon zest, etc) to the batter and whipping it all up in my Kitchen-Aid mixer.  I poured it into cake pans that had been dusted with gluten-free all-purpose flour, and then tucked the pans into a warm oven to bake.

Lemon chiffon layers made from Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten-Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix
Lemon chiffon cake layers made from Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten-Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix

The last time I baked this cake, I used the Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix…and it was fantastic.  It cooked up to perfection the first time.  With Cherrybrook Kitchen, I had to let the cake pans remain in the oven longer than the recipe called for in order to get them to that light golden brown on top and where the top would spring back when I pressed carefully on it.  No problem with that though.  As long as it cooked through.  The pans were removed from the oven and left to cool.  The recipe says for 5 minutes, but the last time I attempted to make a layer cake, I turned out the cake and it crumbled…so I let it go a little longer before telling myself that, eventually, the cakes had to come out of the pans.  Mustering up whatever conviction I needed, I finally hauled myself into the kitchen, ran a knife around the edges, and turned the cake layers out of the pans.

SUCCESS!!  No cake crumbling this time.  Each layer popped out perfectly and beautifully.  Nothing stuck to the pan.  Nothing was left behind.  Just two perfect cake layers which would now remain on wire racks to cool the rest of the way while I prepared the lemon curd (gluten-free variety) and the icing for the cake.

With that task done, I now set out to do the fun part…assemble the cake.  One layer went down and then got coated with a warm layer of lemon curd.  Then, the other layer was placed on top of it.  I iced it with the prepared whipped lemon icing and called it done.  It was late…too late for cake…so it would have to wait until after dinner the following night to be sampled.

Yesterday was the grand unveiling.  I actually sliced into it that morning to take a slice to my teammate at the office.  She loves to try the gluten-free foods that I make, because she’s a baker and interested in dealing with people with food allergies, and wants to see what can be done with gluten-free foods so that they don’t taste gluten-free.  She loved this cake.  Loved it.  And that made me really happy and proud to have made it and shared it.

But after dinner that night…it was my turn.  I sliced two more slices from the cake (which I am getting 12 slices out of)…one for myself and one for the roommate.  As I mentioned before, this is the roomie’s favorite cake now…so…as I went back to plate my piece, I returned to find hers already half gone.  She said she was trying really hard not to just devour it…and she was definitely succeeding.

So, how does the version of the cake made with Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Gluten Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix compare to that of the one I had made previously with Betty Crocker’s Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix?  It stands up quite well to its predecessor.  Honestly.  I asked my roomie her opinion, as this is her most favorite cake EVER and she said she felt the Cherrybrook Kitchen cake mix was a bit dryer than Betty Crocker’s…but it was still good.  She might be right.  While this cake wasn’t dry at all, I do believe that Betty Crocker had the edge on moistness when prepared in this manner.  However, this is not a knock to Cherrybrook Kitchen.  I can say this because the three of us who have eaten slices of this cake have all agreed that it is delicious.  The cake wasn’t fall-apart dry.  It was still moist and packed with amazing citrus flavor.  It worked perfectly in this recipe…even with me having to measure out a certain weight of mix to make it in the first place.

Cherrybrook Kitchen makes fantastic gluten-free products.  I have yet to find one that I don’t like.  While this was prepared in a nontraditional manner, the Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix is a definite addition to the pantry in the future.  I loved the taste and the texture.  I found it to be a great mix to use for this recipe.  Very impressed with the finished product and totally taking slices of it to Columbus with me on Friday to share with my friend Jenn!

Cherrybrook Kitchen is a great place to turn for gluten-free/wheat-free mixes in a pinch.  They are a bit pricey, but most gluten-free mixes on the market are.  If you find a good sale…stock up.  That’s my best advice.  The variety of mixes that I have been able to try have been awesome and I look forward to trying the rest of their products in their lineup very soon.

Yeah…color me impressed.

Lemon Lover's Chiffon Cake made with Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten-Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix
Lemon Lover’s Chiffon Cake made with Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten-Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix

Gluten Free You And Me mixes up a light, delicious Gluten Free French White Bread

Gluten Free You And Me Gluten Free French White Bread Mix
Gluten Free You And Me Gluten Free French White Bread Mix

Product: Gluten Free You And Me Gluten Free French White Bread Mix – $6.00

You know…it would figure.

I’ve been searching for the ultimate bread mix to bake up and continue to bake up because I make a lot of meals that just taste good with a small slice of bread, toasted in the oven with a spritz of olive oil and seasoning.  And I’ve tried a lot of the name brands.  Some I have fallen in love with.  Some…I’ve been rather indifferent on.  I haven’t hated any of them…but I don’t like a dense loaf of bread.  I don’t want my bread to be heavy.  It’s accompanying my meal, not becoming my meal.

Awhile back, while I was visiting my friend Jenn in Columbus, Ohio, she happened to make mention of a gluten-free event going on at a local gluten-free bakery/café of sorts.  As we were already going to be out and about that day in town, we decided to stop by that morning and check it out.  Although there were only a few things at this little event, one vendor in the front room really caught my attention.

Gluten Free You And Me is the company and they are based out of Dublin, Ohio.  They had a few samples out, including cookies and their French White Bread, made from a mix that they were selling.  Cathy tried a cookie and loved it.  But Jenn and I…we were all about the bread.  One taste and I about melted.  It was light.  It was fluffy.  And it tasted…like fresh-baked, full-barrel, French bread.  I knew then…I had to have it in my life.

So, for a small fee of $6.00, a tub of the mix was mine.  I was excited and couldn’t wait to bake this up myself.

A loaf of Gluten-Free French White Bread (from Gluten Free You And Me Mix) fresh from the oven
A loaf of Gluten-Free French White Bread (from Gluten Free You And Me Mix) fresh from the oven

But…other products in my expansive gluten-free pantry had to be used up first.  However, this past weekend…it was time to see if I could do up the French White Bread as well as they had for the event.  I could only hope.

Making the bread couldn’t be easier.  Using a mixer, you put the dry mix into a bowl, add 1-1/2 cups of water, 1 tsp red wine vinegar (I didn’t have red wine vinegar, so I went out on a limb and used apple cider vinegar), 2 tablespoons of canola oil…and mix until the dough forms and is sticky.  Then, you pour it into a 4 x 8 bread loaf pan (spray it with some cooking spray) and pat it down to evenly form a loaf shape. Score it across the tip with a knife and let it rise for about 35 minutes.  Once it has risen within 1/2 inch of the top of the pan, you bake it in a 400 degree oven for around 40 minutes.  Remove it from the pan and let it cool on a rack for 1 hour.  Then…it is yours to enjoy.

Let me tell you, the  most difficult part of this entire process was waiting for it to cool.  I normally just want to slice right into the bread and give it a try…but I patiently (or as patiently as I could) waited the correct time before slicing into it.

Well, it was definitely as good as I remembered it.  Figures.  Because this is a little harder to get my hands on than, say, one of the major gluten-free bread mixes at the grocery store.  But…definitely worth ordering online (yes…they do ship) if I can’t get out to where their products are sold in the Columbus area.

The Gluten Free You And Me French White Bread Mix bakes up a beautiful loaf of bread.  The crust turned a perfect shade of gold and inside was a light, fluffy bread just begging for a schmear of butter.  Yeah…this bread is damn near gluten-free bread perfection.  The taste is exquisite.  If you didn’t tell people it was gluten-free…they wouldn’t have a clue.  At all.  It tastes, dead-up, like the bread I used to be able to eat.  And that, my friends, is nothing short of awesome.  And I loved that I didn’t have to haul out my bread maker for this loaf.  It was all done by hand, by the oven, and it baked to perfection.  Happiness is a delicious loaf of gluten-free bread.  It doesn’t get much better than this one.

I encourage you to visit the Web site for Gluten Free You And Me and take a look at the small, but amazing products that this company has to offer.  They can ship some of their items, so check that out, especially if you are not in or around the Columbus, Ohio area.  Their products are pretty hard to beat.  Let me tell you…I’m still dreaming of this bread and thankful I have the other half of the loaf chilling in the freezer for future use.  Well worth the purchase…trust me.

A loaf of bread made with Gluten Free You And Me Gluten Free French White Bread Mix and baked in the oven
A loaf of bread made with Gluten Free You And Me Gluten Free French White Bread Mix and baked in the oven

Bob’s Red Mill bakes up too-good-to-share Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix
Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix

Product: Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix – $5.79+

I have a confession to make.

Originally, I didn’t pull out the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix for me.  Nope.  You see, I have an amazing podiatrist who has gotten me back on my feet and running better than I did prior to the injury that put me on crutches for three weeks.  And after setting two new PR (that’s personal records for the non-running lingo peeps) in my last two races, I wanted to bake them something as a thank you.  I have quite a few of these Bob’s Red Mill Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix bags in my pantry (thank you Big Lots!), so I thought…why not?

Prep work was easy because I do my bread baking in a bread machine.  Yes…this takes awhile, but it takes all the ‘let it rise after kneading it’ hassle out of the equation.  Following the simple instructions on the bag, I simply took room temperature water, two eggs, and 1/4 cup of canola oil and placed it into the pan of my bread maker.  Then…the mix was added.  Finally, the yeast packet that came with the bread mix was added.  Now, my bread maker is not specifically designed for gluten-free bread making, but it is a dedicated gluten-free bread maker.  So…I set it for the basic setting on a medium crust, hit start and let it run for the 3 hours it takes.

And at first, I was less than excited about the little glob of dough that was being worked by the machine.  In fact, I let it run while I settled in on the couch and watched “Thunderball” (the James Bond film…mmm…Sean Connery!).  I even wandered into the kitchen to air pop some popcorn at some point and was still set on just baking this up for my podiatrist and his staff.

But then, the baking part kicked in around the end of the movie.  Suddenly, my entire apartment smelled like fresh-baked cinnamon raisin bread.  It was making my mouth water.  And despite having just snacked on popcorn…there was nothing more that I was craving than taking a slice of that and trying it.  After the movie, I only had a few more minutes left on the bake cycle, and the aroma was making both myself and my roommate really want to dive into the bread.  We were going to try it regardless…just a slice split between us. Then I was going to cut it up and package it up for my podiatrist with a couple of icing options.

But after the bread machine beeped to alert me that the cycle was done and my bread was ready, I eagerly took the pan out of the machine, overturned it to let the bread easily slide out onto my cooling rack, and then…let it sit and cool.  That only lasted 10 minutes.  I had to try it.  Onto the cutting board it went.

It was still probably too early to slice into it…but I needed to try it.  It smelled so fantastic.  So, my bread knife glided through the still fresh bread loaf and sliced off the end piece.  I saw the rise of fresh steam as the slice fell away and I let it sit for a moment to cool.  But that was just long enough for me to snap a picture.  Then…out came the margarine.  I sliced the one slice of bread in half and gave a little spread of the Smart Balance spread over each slice.  I handed one to my roommate and I took the other.

One bite…and the first words out of my mouth were…

“I don’t want to share this!  I want to keep this here for us!”

She totally agreed.

Good.  We were on the same page.

So, aside from making my entire apartment smell like a bakery (and a delicious, gluten-free bakery at that), how was the bread?

Well, the loaf is not going anywhere if that indicates anything.  Most gluten-free breads (even those made from mixes), have the tendency to be very heavy and very dense.  Not Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread.  Nope.  This was light and soft.  The inside was moist without being heavy.  And the Smart Balance spread that I spread across the sliced part melted right into the bread like a cinnamon-raisin sponge of awesomeness™ just begging to be devoured in seconds.  I savored it as much as I could, but the half of a slice that I had was disappearing quickly.  The crust on this bread baked to a perfect golden brown and has this amazing flakiness to it.  The inside is moist and soft.  And the raisins aren’t just an afterthought.  Raisins explode from every bite of this bread.  They aren’t just randomly scattered.  There are plenty to go around and plenty to fill up the bread.  No need to even add extra.  In addition, the cinnamon flavor is there without overpowering and taking away from the bread.  It adds a sweetness to the bread that really compliments the raisins.

So, apologies to my podiatrist’s office, but this bread is staying here with me.  In fact, it’s my post-workout snack this morning after hitting up the gym.  I’m taking some of my vegan vanilla cream cheese icing in because I think this bread could easily make me no longer miss cinnamon rolls if I dress it up like one.  I can’t wait to give this bread a little warming at the office and spread it with some vanilla icing love.  Epic breakfast at the office.  I hope the aroma of the bread makes others inquire as to what I’m eating.  My office is so anti-gluten-free anything that I love being able to make something and get them to try it (few often do) and fall in love with it.

Gluten-free baking and cooking doesn’t get the respect that it deserves.  Too many people go into it with a closed mind.

Well, if they were able to try the Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread that the Bob’s Red Mill mix created, I bet their minds and mouths would both be open…and ready for more.

I know mine is.

The trick is getting through my workout before devouring my slice for breakfast.

If cinnamon raisin is your thing, if you miss cinnamon rolls, or if you just want to give gluten-free bread making (by hand or by machine…there are instructions for both on the bag of the mix) a try, I encourage you to give Bob’s Red Mill mixes a try.  I haven’t been disappointed yet.  It’s another one of those, “No way this is gluten-free!” moments…which I love.


A loaf of bread made with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix and baked in a bread machine
A loaf of bread made with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix and baked in a bread machine