A Whole Latte Love

HobbKnobb Roasting Company
HobKnobb Roasting Company, New Albany, Indiana

Sometimes…it’s all about the coffee.

Welcome to my little corner of caffeinated bliss.  The HobKnobb Roasting Company in New Albany, Indiana.  This little café is located just around the corner from my office and, out of necessity for something better than the gas station coffee offerings, I stopped in one day…and have been going back ever since.

It’s an unassuming little coffee shop with nice people who work there.  My favorite barista, always good for conversation or suggestions, is Heather.  She’s not only good at making drinks, she’s good at guessing what you might like.  I’m not a big fan of coffee…but I can handle espresso.  I can’t have milk, but I can do soy.  I don’t want drinks that are laden with sugar.

Her suggestion: A sugar-free chocolate soy latte.

Sounded good to me.  You can’t go wrong with chocolate.  You also can’t go wrong with the double-shot of espresso you get in their small drinks.  No skimping on the beverages here.  You definitely get what you pay for.  Even better…it’s delicious.  The espresso isn’t over-processed and over-roasted like your corner Starbucks.  It’s light, delicious, and compliments the steamed milk perfectly.

HobKnobb Roasting Company doesn’t just serve a good latte.  They have a wide variety of coffee, espresso, and tea drinks for your choosing.  If you like it hot or cold, they have it.  And they know how to make it so you won’t walk away unsatisfied.

This little shop also offers up delicious pastries…scones, cookies, muffins, and even New York bagels (yes…they come from New York!  That’s something this former New Yorker can get behind!).  They have regular patrons.  They know their customers.  And, yet, they welcome new ones openly.  People like me, who wander in on a cold day in search of something that doesn’t taste too much like coffee…but is sugar-free.  This coffee shop knows it’s stuff and serves it up just as you like it.

So…should you find yourself in the New Albany, Indiana area…swing by HobKnobb Roasting Company in one of their two locations…on State Street or in Floyds Knobs.

I promise…you’ll keep going back.  Not just for the coffee, but for the friendly service you receive as well.

HobbKnobb Roasting Company latte
Double-shot, sugar-free chocolate soy latte from the HobKnobb Roasting Company



I’m everything chef’s hate!

My chef hero is none other than Anthony Bourdain.  In his book, Kitchen Confidential, Bourdain speaks of his dislike of the lactose-intolerant, vegetarians, and those who order their sauce on the side.

I am all three of these things.

I am also an avid fan of Food Network…another cardinal sin in the eyes of Bourdain.  I drink in the culinary world of network TV chefs and marvel at their creations.  I don’t have cable, so the only place I get to watch these cooking shows are while I’m on the cardio machines at the gym.  I’m not kidding.

And while Bourdain is right in his disdain of this kind of chef, it just serves to make me want to get into my, albeit, tiny kitchen, and whip up something amazing for dinner.

I am not a trained chef…but I do love to cook.

Even more than that…I love to eat.

Some would think that being a vegetarian might put a limit on my “foodie” status, but it has yet to hinder me…except at chain restaurants…those little “jack-in-the-box” American cuisine, popular dinner spots like T.G.I.Fridays and Applebees…those sorts of places where the entrées are meat-centric and a vegetarian is limited to a salad (Please, no bacon! And can I get that dressing on the side?) and a bowl of tomato soup.

I’m talking about real food…from real restaurants.  Like I said, I love to eat.  And with that…I love to try new things.  Food, restaurants, desserts, cultures…you name it.  I’ll try it.

So, even though I’m one of those vegetarian foodies…I’m still a foodie.  I know what I like to eat, but I’m more than willing to give something different, yet still vegetarian, a go.

This, my friends…is my foodie adventures.  From the local cuisine to food from abroad…this is my little slice of foodie heaven.  And I’m dishing up a piece just for you…should you care to indulge in it.  I hear it goes great with hot tea (no milk!).