Product Review: Milton’s Craft Bakers Gluten Free Everything Baked Crackers

Milton's Craft Bakers Gluten Free Everything Baked Crackers

Milton’s Craft Bakers Gluten Free Everything Baked Crackers

Product: Milton’s Craft Bakers Gluten Free Everything Baked Crackers – $3.59+

I wish I could remember where I picked up the pouch of Milton’s Craft Bakers Gluten Free Everything Baked Crackers…but I don’t remember.  I think…think…they came from my local Kroger.  Possibly one of those days where my roommate threw something into the cart, off list, to surprise me.  Who knows for sure.

What I do know is that I have a pouch of Milton’s Craft Bakers Gluten Free Everything Baked Crackers…so why not pair it with a hearty (and healthy) chowder for lunch today?  Hey, if I have the product, I best use said product!  It does no good just sitting in my pantry (or in this case, in the basket on top of my fridge).

Today, I popped them open.

Milton’s Craft Bakers  began in 1995 with the opening of Milton’s Restaurant and Delicatessen in Del Mar, California, offering up wholesome and great tasting foods in the tradition of the delis of New York City.  The founders then continued their passion by creating their own breads for any sandwiches they served.  The customers loved the bread so much that they wanted to take it home with them…and thus…Milton’s Baking Company was born.  Since then, their line of delicious and nutritious breads has grown, and they have since developed an assortment of flavorful crackers made with the same whole grains that they make those famous breads with.  But, wait for just a moment.  That’s not all.  This past summer, Milton’s stepped into the gluten-free realm by offering a new line of crackers and cookies, that they state are so good that consumers won’t know for a moment that they are gluten-free.  The crackers come in four (4) varieties: Cheddar Cheese, Crispy Sea Salt, Everything and Multi-Grain.  The cookies have three (3) varieties: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, and Snickerdoodle.

I haven’t seen the cookies yet…but…now that I’ve had the crackers…I’d love to try them.  So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty here.  I never do anything basic, so when faced with a flavor option, I aim to be different.  Now, these might have been the only offerings at the mystery store where I mysteriously picked these up…but…either way, why start with Multi-Grain and Crispy Sea Salt?  I can’t do cheese…so EVERYTHING!

Being a New Yorker…I love me a good (gluten free) everything bagel.  I really, really do.  It has every wonderful flavor packed into each bite.  You want poppy seeds…yep…in there.  Sesame seeds…also in there.  Onion and caraway…got that too!  EVERYTHING literally means…everything.  And any New Yorker appreciates this flavor.

But…did the flavor come across in cracker form?  YES!  Oh yes.  First of all, these crackers have an abundance of flavor, without being a distraction.  Everything about this cracker is right and good in the world.  Simple pleasures come in simple packages…and this was one I am glad I somehow ended up with.  These crackers are made with 7 grains and 4 seeds, which are perfect for snacking, stacking and dipping.  For reals.  The texture is thin, and crispy.  I don’t want a cracker that wilts in soups and stews.  I want it to keep that texture and crispiness when I dip, or spoon heaps of the soup onto the top of these.  Oh yeah…these went above and beyond all expectations.  And, yes, they have that perfect everything I love about everything everything (did you follow that?) flavor.  It’s turning the best bagel in the world into a chip…that makes it so versatile and amazing.  And I am a happier snacker because of it.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients that Milton’s Craft Bakers puts into the Gluten Free Everything Baked Crackers.  These crackers are made from brown rice flour, gluten free oats, potato flakes, potato starch, corn flour, high oleic sunflower oil (tocopherols, rosemary extract and ascorbyl palmitate added as an antioxidant), rice flour, cane sugar, white toasted sesame seeds, molasses granules (syrup, molasses), spice blend (poppy seeds, caraway seeds, sesame seeds, dehydrated onion), sugar, black sesame seeds, sea salt, millet, whey protein concentrate, poppy seeds, quinoa seeds, amaranth, autolyzed yeast, baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, sunflower lecithin, salt, sodium acid pyrophosphate, garlic powder, natural butter flavor, and caraway seeds.  These crackers are non-GMO verified, certified gluten free, wheat free, kosher, and vegetarian.

As for nutrition information, the Milton’s Craft Bakers Gluten Free Everything Baked Crackers are actually a healthy option when paired against other snacks out there.  A serving size is about 14 crackers (30 grams) and there are around 4.5 servings per package.  A serving will provide you with 130 calories, 4 grams fat, 0 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 180 mg sodium, 21 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram fiber, 3 grams sugars, and 2 grams protein.

These baked (not fried) crackers definitely deliver on their promise to provide a healthier snack without the gluten!  These are one of the best crackers I have had in my gluten-free life.  And I love crackers.  They are even (dare I say it?) better than Crunchmaster!  Pair it with a spread, soup, or just snack on them on their own.  However you do it…just do it.  I’d hate to have you miss out on these delicious snack crackers.


Product Review: Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn


Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn

Product: Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn – $4.99+

Thanks to my dear friend, Jenn, I was able to get my hands on a bag of the latest Holidrizzle flavor from Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn line.  Because, I never did get my hands on a bag around here.  I just couldn’t find it.

So, up until then, I figured the Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn was simply a rumor.  But, I have friends who are beyond aware of my obsession with pumpkin…EVERYTHING (save pumpkin pie…gross!).

Yep.  I’m one of those pumpkin freaks.  But…even more important, I am a popcorn freak.  It is, by far, my favorite snack.  EVER!  I love popcorn and could eat it every day.  And when Angie’s came along with their extensive lineup of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn flavors…life got a little sweeter for sure.  And then…one winter season around Christmas…the first of the Holidrizzle bags arrived.  And I was hooked for life.  The original two flavors: Dark Chocolatier Sea Salt and White Chocolatier Peppermint – and, trust me, they were beyond addictive.  I could eat an entire bag if I didn’t dole out serving sizes to nosh on.  They are that amazing.

So, when summer faded into fall and the first of the Pumpkin Spice treats began emerging (I think everyone waits on Starbucks and the latte).  And I had heard of this new Holidrizzle flavor from Angie’s.  But, all I could find out here was the Candy Corn flavor.  I don’t like candy corn, so I wasn’t interested.  I was, however, beyond interested in the Pumpkin Spice variety.

And Jenn picked me up a bag.  And last night…after my delicious dinner…it was dessert.

Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop began in a garage in Minnesota where Dan and Angie Bastian wanted to do something fun with their kids, while showing them the value of hard work.  And, from that decision, their amazing kettle corn recipe emerged into a business, with product being sold at local events.  Soon, even the NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings, took notice.  The rest was history.  The Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn recipes are all non-GMO and certified gluten-free.  Every product.  All of them.  Every variety is a better-for-you snack with simple ingredients, calorie transparency, and great taste.  It pairs well with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.  Trust me.  I ate mine after eating Chinese food.  HA!  It doesn’t get much better than small-batch popcorn being made with simple ingredients and wowing even the casual popcorn lover with flavor and taste.

So…the Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn was ripped into last night.  I breathed it in.  And it smelled…like buttery popcorn.  Huh.  Interesting.  I dished out a serving in a really awesome skull and crossbones bowl and served it up to my roommate.  From the initial handful, I noticed that the popcorn pieces were dusted (some more heavily than others) with different seasonings.  I didn’t see a drizzle anywhere.  But when I went to dish up mine…my fingers round the melty bit of white chocolate on one of the pieces.  There was my delicious, sweet, and addicting drizzle.  I was trying to figure out how it could be a Holidrizzle without a drizzle…so, thankfully, the drizzle was there.  Panic averted.  I asked Cathy what she thought of it and she said, “It tastes like cinnamon…I don’t really get pumpkin.”

And…she’s right.  So, if you’re “not a fan of pumpkin” then you will actually like this.  Because when I tested it, I got the warm fall spices (cinnamon, nutmeg…and then the sweetness from the very light drizzle that some of the pieces were treated to.  It was definitely delicious.  And I would certainly eat and eat and eat these quite happily…but if you are one who wants that powerful pumpkin flavor, this is not the mix for you.  Not at all.  But, if you like a pumpkin spice latte…that’s what this is.  That’s the flavor.  Delicate spices…but not really pumpkin.  Just…pumpkin-y…without any real…pumpkin.  It’s a gentle, generous flavor and it blended so well with the sweet and salty nature of the kettle corn.  Beyond addictive for sure.

Let’s look at ingredients, shall we?  Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn is made with cane sugar, popcorn, sunflower oil, palm and palm kernel oil, whey powder, nonfat milk powder, spices, sea salt, natural flavors, and soy lecithin (emulsifier).  This popcorn is certified gluten free.  And certified tasty.

As for nutritional information, Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle Popcorn is not bad…or a drizzled treat.  A serving of this popcorn is 1-1/2 cups (28 grams).  There are about 4.5 servings per bag.  In this serving, you will be consuming 140 calories, 8 grams fat, 3 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 80 mg sodium, 18 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fiber, 11 grams sugars, and 1 gram protein.  Not a filling treat, but then again, it doesn’t need to be.  Careful though…it’s addictive.

While I think a part of me expected a little more of that BOOM…PUMPKIN flavor in Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn, it doesn’t deminish the fact that this popcorn is awesome.  It’s light, salty, sweet, and tastes like fall.  If you are a snob about your pumpkin flavor, this may not be the product for you.  But, if you love something that screams pumpkin spice flavors…with a little drizzle of sweet heaven…then I encourage you to purchase a bag of this popcorn and eat it at your own risk.  Trust me, it won’t last long.

Product Review: Kinnikinnick Foods Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers

Kinnikinnick Foods Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers

Kinnikinnick Foods Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers

Product: Kinnikinnick Foods Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers – $3.99+

Growing up, I often cherished the smaller, simpler things in life.  Like…drinking soda at Grandma and Grandpa’s house…because they let us have an entire can instead of splitting it three ways between us.  Or…being treated to pre-dinner cookies while at the lake cabin with my grandparents (grandparents are the best!).  This often meant Pecan Sandies or…Nilla Wafers.

Yep…I blame my absolute love of Nilla wafers on my grandma.  My grandma LOVED her sweets (I come by it honestly), and while she was very much a chocolate lover…she always seemed to have a box of Nilla Wafers at the lake or in her pantry at home.  Without fail.

And if we looked like we needed or wanted a snack…Nilla Wafers were it.

Already a big cookie monster (yeah…you know I am!)…I haven’t had Nilla Wafers in a long time.  And when I was diagnosed as a Celiac…they were gone for good.

*sad violin*

Or…so I thought!  One afternoon, while walking the aisles at my local Meijer, I dropped into the gluten-free section just to see if there was anything new or interesting.  Turned out…there was!


The image on the box had the buttery looking rounds that I remembered from my childhood.  And so…a box traveled from store to pantry just like that.  And in my head…I had it all planned out.  I was going to make a banana cream pie with them.  How great would that be?!  Except…I’m not the biggest fan of pie…so that aspiration sort of fell to the wayside and this box sort of just…sat on a shelf.  And cookies should never just sit on a shelf.

Tonight, that all changed.  With the banana cream pie out of the question now…I thought, “Hey…I used to eat these things straight up, right out of the box…why should that have to change?”  The answer: It doesn’t.  And tonight…it didn’t.

After wrapping up an amazing dinner of Texas Queso-dillas (vegan, gluten-free noms!), I did up the dishes and retrieved this box from the pantry shelf.  The time had come.  And I had high hopes that these would bring back all those feels from my childhood.  I dished up a serving to my roomie and a serving to me…and as we finished up The Muppets episode that we missed…we noshed.

She never was into Nilla Wafers (because she’s weird), so she thought these were “pretty good.”  *sigh*  She doesn’t know something amazing when she bites into it.  These cookies were beyond fantastic.  Every happy moment from grandma’s house involving Nilla Wafers came rushing back to me when I bit into my first Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Vanilla Wafer.  The taste was sweet and vanilla-y.  The cookie had that soft center and that golden outside, that wasn’t crunchy, but wasn’t just chewy either.  It was the full-out, real-deal, fantastic gluten-free interpretation of a childhood favorite.  And if I didn’t portion out these things before settling in to eat, I probably would have devoured the entire box.  Kinnikinnick has been awesome about bringing back childhood favorites…like graham crackers (S’moreables…HELLO S’MORES!), and Oreos (KinniTOOS), and pumpkin spice donuts (I haven’t actually found these yet…), and BLUEBERRY bagels (which have been reformulated, so while I didn’t LOVE them back when I began this gluten-free journey…a revisit might be happening).  I haven’t found any other gluten-free company turning out childhood classics that are SO close to the real thing that it actually makes you double-check the box.

Yep…Kinnikinnick has definitely won my heart over once again.  And all it took was these little vanilla cookies.  Because this, my dear friends…this was my childhood!

Let’s discuss the ingredients that go into Kinnikinnick’s Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers!  These cookies are made from cane sugar, water, potato starch, white rice flour, non-hydrogenated palm oil shortening (palm oil, modified palm oil), pea starch, tapioca starch, egg whites, cellulose powder, tapioca syrup, pure vanilla extract, salt, cellulose, baking powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, pea starch, mono calcium phosphate), sunflower lecithin, natural colour, and natural flavor.  This product is gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and are kosher.  These cookies are also free of soy, sulphites, mustard, fish/shellfish, sesame, corn, and yeast.

As for nutritional information, the Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers are cookies and a treat.  So…remember that.  A serving is 8 wafers (36 grams) and there are about 5 servings per box.  You will be chowing down on 160 calories, 5 grams fat, 2.5 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 150 mg sodium, 27 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fiber, 12 grams sugar, and 1 gram of protein.  I love that they are bite-size cookies that give you a treat without really feeling guilty about it.  Their vanilla sweetness is just enough to satisfy without being too sugary sweet.  LOVE that balance.

So, yeah…the great pantry clean-out is on.  And these are the last remaining cookies in there.  I am sort of sad to polish these off and move onto something else…but now that I know where to buy these, you better believe they’ll be an every-now-and-again treat.

And, who knows…maybe I will get around to making that banana cream pie someday.

Product Review: Nature’s Path Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Chip Waffles

Nature's Path Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Chip Waffles

Nature’s Path Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Chip Waffles

Product: Nature’s Path Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Chip Waffles – $4.99+

There is just something so decadent about having a bit of chocolate with your breakfast, isn’t there?  Growing up (and even now), one of my favorite things to have for breakfast (and it was only done on nights I had sleepovers or special occasions like my birthday) was chocolate chip pancakes.  I mean…it’s the perfect amount of chocolate, so you sort of feel like you’re being wicked…but really, you’re just indulging that sweet tooth a little bit.

Well, I often do my own take on something with chocolate in it for breakfast every now and again.  The problem is…I’m in charge of making it.  And there are definitely mornings when the last thing I want to do is stand around in the kitchen and attempt to make a decent (and decadent) breakfast when I’m already short on time or just…busy.

I’m often busy.

Well, it just so happens that Nature’s Path has released a new product in its gluten free line-up.  And I just happened to be shopping in a different Kroger this past weekend and stumbled across it.  You better believe the moment I saw it, it was going into my shopping cart.  My grocery list wasn’t very long this week so I had a bit of wiggle room.  And having something quick and easy on hand for breakfast is never a bad idea.

Especially when it involves dark chocolate.

Nature’s Path Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Chip Waffles…are a gift from heaven.  The gluten free heaven.  Where chocolate reigns and waffles are all the rage.  Seriously.  I love chocolate chip anything…but chocolate chip waffles are a rare frozen find…in the gluten-free realm of the grocery store.  Homestyle…perhaps blueberry…maybe an oddball pumpkin or berry…but…dark chocolate…that’s not a common find.

Nature’s Path is known for their healthy, great-tasting organic foods.  One of their biggest incentives is to promote sustainability…and that’s why growing organic, healthy food is their passion and the cornerstone of this family company.  But, in addition to that, they naturally want to put out products that they can stand behind, making sure that everything that hits the market is delicious and exciting.  Because healthy food doesn’t need to be boring and tasteless.

And, I can promise you that there is nothing boring about the Nature’s Path Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Chip Waffles.  Nothing.  I toasted them in my oven this morning while I took a shower after my spin class.  I gave 2 waffles to my roommate and I settled in with another two.  A drizzle of agave maple syrup was the only flourish I had on these.  And they were spectacular.  They got to this amazing golden color in the oven, crisping up gorgeously on the outside.  Inside, aside from the rich dark chocolate chips was a soft center that just begged you to carve off another bite and indulge once again.  It was amazing that my waffles weren’t just hoovered off the plate this morning.  But I did take my time, to chew and to enjoy, each and every single bite.  What good is food if you don’t savor it a little, right?

So, let’s discuss the ingredients that Nature’s Path puts into their Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Chip Waffles!  These waffles are made from water, organic brown rice flour, organic potato starch, organic corn flour, organic chocolate chips (organic granulated sugar cane juice, organic chocolate liquor, organic cocoa butter, soy lecithin, organic vanilla extract), organic soy oil, organic tapioca starch, organic granulated sugar cane juice, baking powder, organic potato flour, organic soy lecithin, organic pear juice concentrate, organic flavor, and sea salt.  These waffles are vegan, gluten free, and contain 10 grams of whole grains per serving and are a fantastic source of ALA Omega-3, meaning they are nutritious…indulgent…and tasty.  What a great combination from the freezer aisle, yes?

As for nutritional information, for waffles with dark chocolate in them, these aren’t too bad on the caloric scale.  A serving size is two (2) waffles.  There are 3 servings per box (I hate this…I wish I could at least get an even number of servings).  Each serving will provide you with 220 calories, 7 grams fat, 2 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 3.5 grams polyunsaturated fat, 2 grams monounsaturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 490 mg sodium, 34 grams carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, 7 grams sugars, and 2 grams of protein.  I think my biggest complaint was that after I feasted on two of these waffles, I was hungry about an hour and a half later.  The lack of filling fiber and the small hit of protein are much to blame for this.  And…even with only 7 sugars…it is still a waffle.  So, definitely pair this (or just 1) with something with protein.  Instead of maple syrup, perhaps a spoonful of nut butter would be nice.  Actually…that does sound frickin’ fantastic.  I think I want to do that tomorrow with the last couple of waffles.  YUM!

Dark chocolate chip waffles sound decadent, but they just bring one of the best flavors in the world (chocolate) to your breakfast table.  And now, even the gluten-free consumer can easily pop these into their toaster and have an indulgent, delicious breakfast…without having to whip them up themselves.  Leave the waffle mix, mini chocolate chips, and the waffle iron in the pantry.  Thanks to Nature’s Path…you just have to reach into your freezer.

And for that, I am one very happy chocoholic.

Product Review: Sevierly Good Gluten Free Organic Multigrain Bread Mix

Gluten Free Hamburger Buns & Dinner Rolls made with Sevierly Good Gluten Free Organic Multigrain Bread Mix

Gluten Free Hamburger Buns & Dinner Rolls made with Sevierly Good Gluten Free Organic Multigrain Bread Mix

Product: Sevierly Good Gluten Free Organic Multigrain Bread Mix – $8.99

Of all the products that I received when I was a subscriber to Cuisine Cube, the ones that took me the longest to get to were the bread mixes.  I have another mix (which I hope to make in the next few weeks) for gluten-free tortillas…so…this is not an anomoly.  It’s just that I already have my own gluten-free bread/dinner roll flour blend that I make amazing bread with.  So, why use a mix?

Besides, my bread baking skills in the gluten-free realm are…sort of hit or miss.

But my March 2015 Cuisine Cube brought me a lot of amazing goodies that I have already blogged on.  The only hold-out from that cube was…none other than the lunch option (weird, I know…but probably under the impression that sandwich bread would be the end result).  And that lunch option was the Sevierly Good Gluten Free Organic Bread Mix.

For those of you who are not familiar with Cuisine Cube, let me give you the rundown.  Cuisine Cube is a subscription service that delivers 5-6 gluten-free, full-size products to your door for as little as $34.99/month. Inside the cube, you will discover full-size products (not sample sizes) that are made by local and smaller, artisan companies, rather than those that you can find at the average grocery store.  It has introduced me to so many new and delightful products.  Each box contains a breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert product…and then, sometimes, an extra bonus item.  Who doesn’t love a little something extra, right?   Keep in mind, however, that Cuisine Cube has gone through some changes as of May.  No longer do they strictly only offer gluten-free cubes.  In addition to their gluten-free option, they now also offer Artisan and Vegan cubes as well.  The Artisan cube means that you have no food allergies and foods that contain common food allergens will be included.  The Vegan cubes contain products that are dairy and animal free.  And, they still have the Gluten Free cubes, which will have products that contain no gluten or wheat.  So, if you’re really interested in being introduced to the smaller, lesser-known, artisan companies, give Cuisine Cube a try!  It’s like…Christmas…or your birthday…every month!  Who doesn’t love that?!  I did love it and I hope I’m able to resubscribe next year.

So, the March 2015’s lunch option was filled by the Sevierly Good Gluten Free Organic Multigrain Bread Mix.  Sevierly Good began with the Sevier family, who began their business when they realized how difficult it was to find good, local resources for the things they enjoyed eating.  The company blossomed from the need for their family to eat a gluten-free diet due to high gluten intolerances.  So, with a completely different diet now being served up, the Seviers decided to get into the kitchen and begin to experiment.
With past experience in the baking industry and some great resources, the family created a list of recipes to begin with…and from there, a set of mixes that are versatile and easy to make emerged.  For two (2) years, the Sevier Family made each mix by hand in a local, commercial kitchen.  Since then, they have expanded to working with a manufacturer, enabling them to grow their dream and their product.  Now, Sevierly Good Gluten Free products can be found in the more stores throughout the United States.

This was actually my first introduction to any of the Sevierly Good Gluten Free products.  And while I don’t always appreciate a bread mix…I do love to bake.  So, I sucked it up and got together the very few ingredients needed to mix up this bread and set it to baking.  Except…I decided not to make a loaf.  I wanted to make hamburger buns and dinner rolls.  So…I got out the rings I use to make homemade gluten free hamburger buns and got the oven preheating.

All I had to do was mix together the Organic Multigrain Bread Mix with the (included) yeast packet, 2 large eggs (or egg substitute), 2 cups of warm water, and 1/4 cup olive oil.  Once mixed together, if you’re baking a loaf, you pour it into an oiled loaf pan and pat/spread it into place with the spatula.  For dinner rolls, drop onto an oiled cookie sheet in the desired size.  I filled the hamburger bun rings…and the rest i made into 12 small dinner rolls.  After they were on the baking sheet, I covered them with lightly oiled cling wrap and let it rise in a warm place for about 30-40 minutes.  Then, it goes into the oven for 10 minutes at 400°F, then I turn down the temperature to 375°F and allow it to finish baking.  For a loaf of bread, that’s around 40-50 more minutes.  Less for the dinner rolls…but this isn’t indicated on the package.  So, watch those rolls!!  I got mine out before they got too baked.  But, what I did notice was how golden brown they got on the top.  I allowed them to cool on a rack…and then…I had to try one immediately.

I admit…I was skeptical.  After finally having an amazing gluten-free dinner roll recipe of my own…I don’t stray from it often.  But, this product was in my pantry and calling to me to (FINALLY) bake it up.  To be honest…I was impressed.  This is, perhaps, the best sandwich bread that I ever baked up from a mix.  They did actually rise in the rising period, which was a step ahead of most mixes.  And then, they baked up to golden rolls just ready for the dining room table.  I sliced one in half, finding the center to be soft (a nice contrast to the crispy outer crust) and the texture reminded me so much of what traditional bread was like.  Seriously, this is a mix that a hearty bread lover will love, even if they don’t have to eat gluten free.  I was so happy with each bite of the roll.  So, now I have a backup for when I’m low on ingredients for my own.  Completely surpassed all my expectations.

So, let’s take a look at the ingredients.  The Sevierly Good Gluten Free Organic Multigrain Bread Mix is made from organic brown rice flour, organic sorghum flour, organic tapioca starch, organic quinoa flour, organic evaporated cane juice, xanthan gum, yeast, and salt.  It is non-GMO, certified gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, bean-free and corn-free.  Wholesome and wholegrain goodness in one little pouch.

As for the nutrition facts, the Sevierly Good Gluten Free Organic Multigrain Bread Mix has 12 servings in a package.  A serving size is 1 slice of bread.  Each serving will give you 110 calories, 0.5 grams fat, 0 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 45 mg sodium, 23 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram fiber, 1 gram sugars, and 2 grams protein.

One would think that with the low amounts of fiber and protein that this bread would not be filling.  But I made vegan BLTs for lunch today, using one of the hamburger buns for the sandwich portion instead of bread from my freezer.  I toasted the buns in the oven and then topped them with vegan mayo, baby spinach, heirloom tomato slices, and vegan (and gluten-free) bacon.  This bread was…AMAZING.  I loved using it for this sort of sandwich as it didn’t get soggy (even with toasting) and crumble and fall apart.  It’s wonderful to have a traditional bread feel…but be able to bake it up in various ways, without having to blend all the flours myself.

I, once again, have to commend Cuisine Cube for introducing me to the Sevierly Good Gluten Free brand.  The Organic Multigrain Bread Mix was amazing…like no other bread mix I have ever baked from before.  Now I sort of wish that I had done up an actual loaf, just to see how it turned out.  But…that’s why I can order more.

And you can too.  If you can’t fiend Sevierly Good Gluten Free products in your area, head over to their Products page and have their mixes shipped directly to you.  Then get into your kitchen and bake up something Sevierly Good!

Orders can also be placed online from our Products page and shipped direct to your home.

And, as many have said…”It’s more than good, it’s Sevierly Good”. We thank you for your business!

The Sevier Family

Product Review: Pillsbury Gluten Free Banana Quick Bread & Muffin Mix

Pillsbury Gluten Free Banana Quick Bread & Muffin Mix

Pillsbury Gluten Free Banana Quick Bread & Muffin Mix

Product: Pillsbury Gluten Free Banana Quick Bread & Muffin Mix – $4.49+

You know…I don’t shop at Wal-Mart often.  I don’t.  But, there is this gorgeous Neighborhood Market version of Wal-Mart (it is all groceries!) in Louisville, and if I happen to be on that side of the city, I’ll stop in for some essentials that.  I mean, the prices are right and it’s not all sketchy like some other Wal-Marts are.  Nor is it busy, so that is also a plus!

I rarely go off my grocery list these days…but one day while searching an aisle for something, I spotted a box of gluten-free banana bread.  We all are aware that my forays into gluten-free banana bread have been epic fails…every single time.  And here…here was a mix that would do all the difficult stuff for me…and all I had to do was add a few things and pop it in the oven.

Easy peasy, right?

So, yeah…you better believe that box came home.

For the record, the box just happened to be a new baking mix from the amazing Pillsbury, who seems to have embraced the gluten-free market as of late, having started with refrigerated dough for pizza, cookes, and pie.  Since then, it has introduced gluten-free funfetti cake mix (I have some of this in my pantry), gluten-free funfetti cookie mix, gluten-free multi-purpose flour, and gluten-free quick bread and muffin mix.  They also have already made gluten-free muffins out there…I have yet to find them though.

That being said…the great pantry purge is underway and this weekend, with all the horrible events going on in the world, I needed to comfort myself with a little baking.  So, I pulled out the box of the Pillsbury Gluten Free Banana Quick Bread & Muffin Mix and decided I was going to give it a try.  But why just bake it up as bread?  Why do the easy thing?  Instead, there was a recipe on the side of the box for Gluten Free Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Which sounds…frickin’ fantastic.  I didn’t have any chunky peanut butter on hand, so I used my PB2 powder from the pantry and it worked out just fine.  No peanut chunks…but…hey, I saved some calories and fat, right?  HA!

So, this recipe was really, really easy.

Simply preheat the oven to 375°F.  Put the mix into a large bowl and add water, extra crunchy peanut butter (I used PB2 and it worked great! No little peanut chunks though…so there is that…), vegetable oil, 2 eggs, and some miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips (or dark chocolate chips…which is what I used) and beat the conglomeration of ingredients into a thick batter.  Spoon it into 18 muffin cups and bake for about 20 minutes until they are golden on top and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.  Let them cool for about 10 minutes in the muffin tin before moving to a wire rack to cool completely.

I get a little skeptical, at times, when it comes to big-name companies jumping onto the gluten-free bandwagon.  But Betty Crocker managed to do it well, and, to be honest, Pillsbury really hit it out of the ballpark with this particular mix.  I was beyond impressed.  The muffins fluffed up and cooked to a beautiful golden brown.  So often, these mixes turn out pale products, regardless of sitting in the heat of the oven.  They centers were moist and rich.  The muffins themselves bold with banana flavor, and the PB2 gives it a nice peanut butter thought, without overpowering the banana.  Because, after all, I bought this because I suck at making gluten-free banana bread.  The dark chocolate morsels (I used Enjoy Life, for the record), were a nice, sweet touch.  I had to make myself stick to just one of the muffins, because I easily could have eaten three right then and there.  So good.  Moist, rich, and delicious!!

So, as we all know, I usually steer clear of mixes like this due to ingredients and trying to eat a bit cleaner.  But we all have to indulge a little bit, right?  Right!  So, Pillsbury makes its Gluten Free Banana Quick Bread & Muffin Mix from rice flour, sugar, tapioca starch, potato starch, dried banana, dextrose, and it contains 2% or less of: leavening (baking soda, sodium acid pyrophosphate, calcium phosphate), canola oil, cellulose, propylene glycol esters of fatty acids, distilled monoglycerides, xanthan gum, salt, natural and artificial flavors, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, nonfat dry milk, citrick acid and bht (antioxidents).  Whew.  A lot of preservatives and the such, but I don’t make this stuff often…and I just really wanted to see how it worked out.  Totally worth it for an every-now-and-again fill-in, especially if I want banana bread.  At least until someone can give me a recipe that I can actually master and make without it being…gross.

As for nutritional information…the Pillsbury Gluten Free Banana Quick Bread & Muffin Mix makes 12 servings.  Each serving will dish up 120 calories, 1 gram fat, 0 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 220 mg sodium, 28 grams carbohydrates, 13 grams sugars, and 1 gram protein.  If prepared (as the banana quick bread or plain banana muffins), the calories per 12 servings goes up to 170 calories, 6 grams fat, 1.5 grams saturated fat, 35 mg cholesterol, 230 mg sodium, and 2 grams protein.  Not too bad for a quick bread mix…and really not bad for a gluten-free product!

I have to say, I was beyond amazed with the quality and the taste  of the Pillsbury Gluten Free Banana Quick Bread & Muffin Mix.  These muffins were moist, delicious, and so easy to prepare and make.  I would be more than happy to try other Pillsbury mixes (I guess the funfetti cake mix is up next), because this blew me away.  The texture was perfection.  The flavors were bold and pronounced.  And it only took me 10 minutes of prep time at most.  Can’t beat that convenience.  Way to go Pillsbury!  Thank you for your gluten-free awesomeness!

Product Review: Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit

Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit

Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit

Product: Scratch & Grain Baking Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit – $6.99+

It was on a whim and by sheer luck that I ran across the gluten-free cookie kits that Scratch & Grain Baking Co. have out on the market.  I was, actually, walking around Target with my roommate on my lunch break, scoping out the various clearance end caps, because this is what we do for fun.  We live in a wild and crazy town, you see?


But…this actually turned out to be a good thing.  Because one of the sections happened to have a couple boxes of Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Gluten Free Cookie Kits.  No joke.  First of all, I had never heard of these.  Second of all, it involved cookies.  Third of all, I wanted to try them.

Granted, I have been working on trying to not eat as many sugary treats…and I’m getting better, but sometimes, you just need to have a cookie.  And this looked easy enough.

Scratch & Grain Bakery Co. grew out of an unfortunate baking experience, leading two (2) moms (Taya and Leah, from Portland, Oregon) to make homemade baking fun and easy.    After Leah spent 3 hours in her kitchen baking cardboard cookies with her daughters, she texted Taya and told her she had a business idea and asked her to come over and discuss it.  The seed was planted and the two women began discussing the concept and vision of the products and company.  They focused on wanting to make homemade baking fun, delicious, easy…and a little healthier.  And so, they got to work creating a baking kit that included all of the BEST ingredients, already measured out and wrapped individually so you know what is in your food…and the actual baking process is made easy and fun.  After testing thousands of variations for the kits, Taya and Leah put together the perfect recipes.  Then, they set out to learn the ins and outs of product development and design – not outsourcing any aspect of their product, keeping all of the product components production right there in Portland.  They even included a few gluten-free products, although neither of them are gluten-free.  They both have close family members who do have Celiac, and as they are not fans of most gluten-free products, they knew they had to make a few products that were gluten-free, but still tasted amazing, delicious, and as close to any whole-wheat version.  They wouldn’t produce a product that they were unwilling to eat, so that means…quality is guaranteed.

So, tonight, just before I set out to get dinner ready, I pulled this little box out of my pantry and gathered up the two additional ingredients needed to prepare these cookies.  No joke…you just need an egg (or egg replacer)…and 2 tablespoons of butter.  Except, I used 1.5 tablespoons of applesauce instead, to make it lower in fat.  Also, I was just being lazy and didn’t feel like melting butter in my microwave.  HA!!  So, it was time to mix up the ingredients and get my Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie on.

Individually Packaged Ingredients in the Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit

Individually Packaged Ingredients in the Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit

This kit included 10 individually packaged ingredients.  These included baking powder, vanilla powder, salt, cane sugar, flax, cocoa, flour, chocolate chips, walnuts, and finishing salt.  In a bowl, I put the apple sauce (or butter if you do butter) and add the ingredients per package instructions, stirring to blend them each time to perfection.  Then, once everything is added and mixed well, you put 1 tablespoon of batter (mine was a little runny…but it worked in the end) onto a baking sheet and pop it into the oven for about 11-13 minutes.  Do not overcook them, or they will flatten.  Let them cook for 5-10 minutes before stuffing your face…er…moving them to a cooling rack.

So…here’s the deal…I was not impressed with the batter, as the tablespoons I dropped began to spread and run together.  But the magic happened in the oven.  When I pulled these out, they had puffed up a little, and were soft and chewy just from the look of them.  I let them cool on the rack while I ate dinner…but after that…dessert was so happening.  I handed a cookie to my roommate and I took another one…and we both took a bite.

While, at first, I had been unimpressed and ready to give up on them and just toss it…I am so glad that I didn’t.  These cookies are rich, chewy, amazing chocolate cookies of yumminess and awesomeness.  OH. MY. COOKIE. GODS.  I was skeptical and ready to just call it a failure, but these cookies are amazing.  Not only are they easy and quick to mix up and prepare, they also make for perfect portion control.  Both my roommate and I were quick to devour the cookie I served each of us.  We literally didn’t even sit down…just noshed them down there in the tiny apartment kitchen.  Impressed doesn’t even begin to cover it.  We were loving every bite of these.  I moved the rest of them over to a rack to cool down and have stored them away for dessert for the next 5 days.


Let’s talk about the ingredients that go into the Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit.  This kit is made from semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, dextrose, soya lecithin), cocoa (sugar, cocoa potassium carbonate unsweetened chocolate and pure vanilla, organic evaporated cane sugar, walnuts, multi-blend flour (brown rice flour, sweet rice flour, tapioca starch, cornstarch, potato starch, xanthan gum), organic ground flaxseeds, sea salt, organic vanilla powder (organic sucrose and organic vanilla bean extractives), baking powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate).  The kits use all-natural GMO-free ingredients (because they taste better!), and most of the ingredients are also certified organic.

As for nutrition, the Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit is great for a cookie option.  A kit will make between 9-12 cookies.  A serving size is 1 cookie (24 grams dry mix).  This serving will serve you 130 calories, 8 grams of fat, 3 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 25 mg cholesterol, 19- mg sodium, 16 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams dietary fiber, 13 grams sugar, and 2 grams of protein.  It’s a cookie, but one you know exactly what you are putting into it and one that you can change up (like use applesauce like I did).  It’s a fun and easy way to enjoy cookies and bake them on your own, not relying on the packaged, and not always delicious, or soft, or chewy, premade gluten free cookies on the shelf at your grocery store.

Needless to say, Scratch & Grain Baking Co. really won me over with the end result of their Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit.  I hope to discover other varieties out at Target, as their gluten-free lineup includes Snickerdoodles and Peanut Butter cookies.

Sounds amazing to me.  And now…I know the high quality product that will emerge.  SO happy with this little kit.  Let’s hear it for going out on a whim and having it pay off in spades…or cookies.

Baked Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookies from Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Gluten Free Cookie Kit

Baked Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Cookies from Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Gluten Free Cookie Kit