Rolling out the spice with Guy Fieri’s 7 Pepper Salsa

Guy Fieri 7 Pepper Salsa
Guy Fieri 7 Pepper Salsa

Product: Guy Fieri 7 Pepper Salsa – $5.99+

When the jar says, “Burn Baby Burn” on it…I’m expecting this salsa to pack some heat.  Heat and spice.  That’s what I love about a good salsa.  And with one by television chef Guy Fieri, I figured this one would be “off the chain” as he would say.

And…for the most part…it was.

Guy Fieri’s 7 Pepper Salsa is a blend of seven different peppers ranging in level of heat.  These include red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, guajillo chile peppers, habenero peppers, chile de arbol peppers, chilaca peppers, and black pepper.  Add to that the cooling and mild flavors of tomatoes, onions, lime, garlic, cilantro, and some seasoning, and what you have…is a jar of 7 Pepper Salsa.

Please note…a few of the peppers used are sweet…not spicy.  Too much spice is not nice.  You want heat, not burn.  I don’t know about you, but despite being a spicy food lover, I still want to be able to taste the food.  I want more than the spices on my palate.  Everything has to mix and blend.  No sense burning off my tastebuds with the first bite.  How can I enjoy food then?

So…here is the run down on Guy Fieri’s 7 Pepper Salsa:

Is it spicy?  Yeah.  A little.  I think Guy is definitely trying to cater to your average Joe Schmoe here as far as the promised heat.  It seems rather tame.  No burning going on.  No disco inferno in my mouth.  A little mild heat is what I got. No breathing fire.  None of that madness.  Needless to say…I was a bit disappointed by the heat level or lack thereof.

In the lineup of Guy’s salsas, this one is supposed to be the hottest.  But I feel that Guy played it safe here with the heat level.  So, if you heat freaks out there are looking for something to set your mouth aflame…look elsewhere.  This is not the salsa for you.  It has the potential to be so much hotter without being stupid hot…but this falls just short of that.  Sadly enough.

As for the rest of it…the salsa itself is thick and chunky.  I like that in a salsa.  I don’t want something that is runny and will fall off the tortilla chip or dribble out of my taco.  The various chunks are definitely full of the fragmented chile peppers.  Don’t let the inclusion of habanero peppers scare you away.  This didn’t singe, scorch, or burn the roof off my mouth.  There was no real level of heat that made me rush to grab something to tame it.  Nope.  This was more of a medium heat variety to me.  The flavor is amazing…rich, chunky, and packed with that meaty salsa flavor and texture that I want.  But the heat fizzled in the end.

So, while the spice level was a bit of a let-down, let me say this…for a salsa, this is exactly the texture I would be looking for.  I don’t mind a milder spice when it comes to these thicker salsas.  And I give props to Food Network pawn, Guy Fieri, for bringing his love of spice, salsa, and sauces to the general public.  I would totally buy this again.  It made a great topper for my Gluten-Free and Vegan Tostada pizza tonight.  And now I’m ready to try it out with some tortilla chips as well.

If it’s heat you seek…the burn promised with this salsa will not satisfy you.  But if you are searching for a medium-spice, chunky salsa with huge flavor…this will definitely satisfy.

Guy Fieri 7 Pepper Salsa atop a gluten-free & vegan Tostada Pizza
Guy Fieri 7 Pepper Salsa atop a gluten-free & vegan Tostada Pizza