Product Review: Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Chips

Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Chips
Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Chips

Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Chips – $5.29+

I have a great love for all things Glutino.



They haven’t let me down yet, and I’ve been fortunate enough to pick up quite a variety of their product offerings over the past couple of years since I had to go gluten-free.

However, while I have enjoyed everything I have tried thus far…I do have to say…they make the best damn freakin’ gluten-free pretzels on the market.


End. Of. Story.

From the first time I tasted one of their gluten-free pretzel twists…what seems like ages ago…I was hooked.  Addicted.  Ready to enjoy way more.  I might have a sweet tooth, but that craving for something salty is also a constant thing in my life.  I enjoy both…for different reasons.  (And lucky me, Glutino makes amazing chocolate covered pretzels…which brings me the best of both worlds).  But recently…it’s been the salty side that has been winning.

Lucky for me, a little while back, my roomie made a dash to the grocery store for me while I was making dinner or something and was lacking an ingredient.  While there, she surprised me with a gift.  She picked up a bag of Glutino’s Gluten-Free Pretzel Chips.


I had other items in my pantry to work through first, but these got their moment to shine today…at my scheduled snack time.  And, boy…was I not the least bit disappointed.

Glutino bills the Gluten-Free Pretzel Chips as something you can pile high with cheese, veggies, spread with paté, load up with savories, or use to scoop up dip.  So…a chip but in pretzel form.  Hence…pretzel chips.  HA!  Anyway, I chose to eat mine plain this morning…not having any amazing hummus or dip of some sort to use these with…but…it didn’t matter.  Even on their own, the Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Chips do not disappoint.  Not one bit.

Just like the Glutino Pretzel Twists and Sticks that came before…these also carry that unique and so completely drool-worthy buttery flavor in each bite.  That is my favorite part of crunching into a Glutino pretzel product.  Nothing tastes better than that little hint of buttery flavor.  Sort of like eating a crunchy and gluten-free version of an Auntie Anne’s pretzel.  They are fantastic.  Not too much salt – just enough to give each chip that pretzel seasoning that you desire.  You gotta love that rich flavor with each bite.  And the crunchiness is so good.  No soft bites here.  These are fantastic!!  I’m addicted.  No…seriously…I might need an intervention.

I’d like to see someone try…*wink*

As far as ingredients go, Glutino Pretzel Chips are made up from corn starch, potato starch, rice flour, soluble corn fiber, palm oil, salt, cellulose gum, sugar, cellulose powder, soy lecithin, yeast extract, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium acid pyrophosphate, onion powder, and garlic powder.  They are, as always, completely gluten-free and cholesterol free.

Nutritionally speaking, a serving of the Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Chips is 30 grams (or about 11 of the chips).  This serving will provide you with 120 calories and 3 grams of fat.  In addition, this serving has 400 mg sodium and 3 grams of sugar.  These provide 3 grams of fiber, but no protein.

But…they are a snack.  And a delicious one at that.  So, keep that in mind.  Hit the store, seek these out and indulge.  Enjoy.  And try not to eat the entire bag in one sitting.  It will be tough, I know.  BELIEVE me, I know.  Super good.  Super crispy.  Super WOW!!  Glutino…you win again!

Product Review: Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks

Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks
Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks

Product: Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks – $5.59+

Glutino, Glutino, Glutino.

How I love you.  How I love you and your clever name.  How I love you and your delicious products.  I don’t think I’ve met a product of yours that I haven’t liked as of yet, and that’s in the 2 year span that I’ve had to go gluten-free.

Back when this whole journey began, one of the first products that really stood out to me was the Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Twists.  I remember having picked them up at the grocery store to take to work with me for an afternoon snack.  One bite, and I knew that I’d be okay being gluten-free.  The pretzel twists were even better than regular pretzels.  And I was forever hooked on the Glutino brand.

Somehow, however, through all of this, I never got back to purchasing other Glutino pretzels.  Because at the time…they also had pretzel sticks out on the market.  Why I never bothered to get them, despite being totally over-the-moon for the pretzel twists…I will never know.  But thanks to a Manager’s Special at my local grocery store…two years later…that changed.

And yesterday…yesterday was my first taste of Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks.

Glutino spells L-O-V-E when it comes to their products.  Because these products definitely love me and I totally love these products back.  Case in point are these pretzel sticks.

So, I’m sitting at my desk…and the 3 p.m. munchies are striking.  With a stomach rumbling, I reach into my drawer and pull out my portioned serving of Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks.  I remove one, and take one crunchy bite.  SMOOTH.  It has this great buttery taste to it.  It’s salty, but not overdone.  And they are so light.  Sometimes regular pretzels could feel a bit heavy, and the consistency of them more doughy (as in crunchy doughy not soft pretzel doughy…just thought I’d clear that up!) than anything else.  Not these.  Nope…Glutino definitely hit the nail on the head when it came to designing and making their amazing Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks.  I couldn’t stop myself.  I wanted to savor my snack, but my fingers kept reaching for another one and another one.  I shared one with not only my roommate, but also my co-worker (who loves to hate on gluten-free products).  Cathy loved the flavor and said we’d have to make sure we kept Glutino pretzels in the pantry.  My co-worker…who I know wanted to hate it…she did…couldn’t.  She looked at me, nodding her head, and said, “I like these better than regular pretzels.”  YES!!  When I can win over this person with gluten-free stuff, I always feel like the company was successful with the product.  I’d call this a major WIN for Glutino.

And yes…the Pretzel Sticks really are that delicious.

Let’s talk ingredients and nutrition, shall we?  Pretzels are definitely a snack, but one of the healthier choices, I believe, when it comes to products on the market.  As far as what goes into these sticks of delicious salty wonder…corn starch, potato starch, palm oil, sugar, sea salt, cellulose gum, soy lecithin, baking soda, yeast extract, sodium acid pyrophosphate, citric acid, and sodium hydroxide.  So…some normal sounding ingredients and some that make you go…”What am I eating?”  Clean eating this isn’t…but it’s one of the treats I allowed myself this week.

As for nutrition facts, a serving is around 33 sticks or about 30 grams (because we all know I weigh my food to be more accurate).  This serving will provide you with 140 calories and 6 grams of fat.  I hate that the fat count is so high, but again, this is a treat and a snack I don’t have all the time.  And, a lot of gluten-free products tend to be higher in fat than regular.  Most regular pretzels are…fat free.  I feel a little gypped here on the nutrition scale.  UGH!  Anyway…pushing beyond that, these have 420 mg sodium per serving and less than 1 gram of sugar.  That’s standard when compared to brands of regular pretzels.  You get no fiber or protein from these pretzels either…so while they are delicious, do not expect them to quell your hunger for long.


So…Glutino wins for sure on taste, texture, flavor…and overall awesomeness of their Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks.  However, as far as the nutrition value goes…they feel like a bit of a letdown.  But…when it comes to gluten-free snacks, this is definitely one of the better choices.  Not only are they packed with amazing flavor, but they are light, they are delicious…and as long as you don’t sit down with the entire bag and devour them all in one sitting…not horrible on the nutrition aspect.  I will give them that.

Glutino…keep on giving me and others in the gluten-free community so many amazing products and I can guarantee we will continue to come back to you.  I’m a repeat offender when it comes to buying products with the Glutino brand name on it.  And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I can’t wait to dive into another serving of the Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks this afternoon.  Maybe I’ll take time to savor them this afternoon.  Or maybe I won’t be able to contain myself again.

Either way…I’ll definitely enjoy!

NuGo offers nutritious on-the-go snacks that taste as good as they sound (and they taste awesome!)

There is always that fear when I hit the road.  As a gluten-free (and vegetarian) athlete, grabbing food from a fast food joint just isn’t an option.  And, let’s face it, some of the “safe” snacks at those convenience stores along the way are still a bit daunting when you’re on the road.  All it takes is for one thing to not be right and you’re down for the count with some stomach issues.

I wasn’t taking any chances this past weekend when I hit the road with my roomie, Cathy, and my good friend Jenn.  While those two can eat pretty much anywhere and anything that sounds good…I had to watch it.  I needed to be sure nothing I consumed would make me sick…or hit me wrong.

So…now was as good a time as any to test out new protein bars, yes?

Sometimes my logic is astounding, I know.

Anyway…I had packed from home two NuGo bars to eat on the road if needed.  And thank goodness I did.


NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Bar
NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Bar

Product: NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Bar – $3.29+

We left Jenn’s house before the sun was even thinking about rising, having just eaten a few pieces of watermelon to at least get something in our stomachs until we stopped somewhere for food.  That occurred shortly after putting gas in the gar, and getting some coffee from Starbucks.  Cathy and Jenn were making noises about a quick drive thru at McDonalds.  While milling about the convenience store that had the Starbucks attached, I spotted a few things of interest…Chobani yogurt, some fruit cups…but I said I would find something in the food I brought along.  After all, that’s why I bring it along.  So, we got our coffee (caffeine…finally!) and headed over for them to grab their breakfast orders.

And so…we were off.

And as they noshed on their breakfast…I dug around in the little red duffel of snacks and good stuff and grabbed a small box of raisins and the NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Bar.

Now, I had previously had NuGo Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bar while at an airport and starving.  I loved it.  I remember that much.  So, I was having high hopes for this variety as well.  And…come on…it’s dark chocolate and mint.  That’s the most epic combination…anywhere.  Who doesn’t like mint and chocolate?  I unwrapped the bar and could immediately smell the hints of mint and that bittersweet aroma of (my favorite) dark chocolate!

I broke off a piece and had to test it out…immediately.

Remember Thin Mint Cookies?  You know…those addictive little cookies that the Girl Scouts tempt you with every year?  Well, they were my favorite back when I could eat them.  And I’ve been without them for two years now.  Two long years.  Well, I can honestly say that the NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Bar reminds me of what a Thin Mint Cookie tasted like.  Honestly.  I think that’s why I somewhat hoovered and somewhat savored this bar.  I went between wanting to devour it for sheer nostalgia and the fact that it tasted so damn good…to wanting to make each and every bite last.  It was the only one I currently had, after all.

This bar is sheer dark chocolate minty love in an easy to unwrap package.  What’s even better…is that it is actually good for you.  Let’s take a look at the nutrition.

A serving size is one bar.  This one bar will give you a hit of dark chocolate and mint at the cost of only 200 calories and 5 grams of fat.  This one bar is cholesterol free and low in sodium (only 160 mg).  You will receive 1 gram of fiber and 10 grams of protein.  While the fiber count is low…the protein helps bulk it up and make it a filling choice for a bar.  The sugar count is a bit high for my liking (14 grams), but it tastes like a Thin Mint Cookie…so…I’ll indulge a little this time.

As far as ingredients go, it starts out with dark chocolate, soy crisps (which sort of gives it some texture and that crispness that gives it that Thin Mint Cookie crackle), tapioca syrup, agave syrup, chocolate rice crisp (more crispiness), soy protein, alkalized cocoa, brown rice flour, natural flavor, peppermint extract, and gum acacia.  I’m familiar with the ingredients that these are made out of, putting my mind to ease about what I might actually be consuming.  That’s always a nice relief.

For a bar that tastes like you’re indulging in a sweet, dark chocolate treat…I highly recommend NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip.  Honestly…one of the best out on the market.

NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Bar (unwrapped)
NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Bar (unwrapped)
NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt
NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt

Product: NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt

Salty or sweet?  Some people like one or the other.  Me?  I’m a fan of the combination.  I love having that sweetness of chocolate (especially bittersweet dark chocolate) with something salty underneath.  Before going gluten-free, chocolate covered pretzels were my kryptonite.  Put them anywhere near me, and the entire bag would be gone in a blink of an eye.  I can’t help myself when given something both salty and sweet.  For me…it’s the perfect combination.

So, on the way home on this road trip out to Utica, New York for an epic 15K road race (The Boilermaker), my lunch on-the-go (or on the way to ice cream) was the other NuGo bar that I packed from home.  This time, it was the NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt variety.  Once again, I tore into the wrapper and unveiled a dark chocolate hugged bar.  I could see the texture of the crisps that make up the body of the bar.  And if the Mint Chocolate Chip variety was any indication of how epic this bar could be…I was already salivating.

Once again, I broke off a piece and popped it into my mouth.  I immediately got hit with the sweetness of the dark chocolate that completely coated this bar.  The crispy texture from the crisps inside was perfect.  And the combination worked.  The crispiness of the crunchy pretzels sprinkled with sea salt and the bittersweet flavor of the chocolate just ignited my taste buds.  Totally delicious.

So, let’s talk nutrition on this one.  One serving is an entire bar.  YUM!  This serving will serve you 200 calories and 5 grams of fat.  Due to the inclusion of sea salt, the sodium count is only slightly higher (360 mg).  This bar is still cholesterol free, however.  Additionally, you get 2 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein.  Once again, the sugar count was a bit high for my liking (15 grams), but every now and again, it wouldn’t hurt to indulge a little in one of these bars.

Trust me…this is definitely worth trying.  While I didn’t like this one as much as the Dark Mint Chocolate Chip variety, this one was good for its own reasons and a bar I would certainly eat again.

NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt (unwrapped)
NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt (unwrapped)

Both of these bars are not only low in fat and high in protein, but they are both also certified gluten-free, vegan, pareve, certified kosher, rich with antioxidants, healthy, and made with real dark chocolate.

And both are super, super delicious!!  If you are looking for a good protein bar that doesn’t taste like chemicals…these two flavors from NuGo are good options for anyone.  I know they’ll find their way back into my pantry very soon.

Try them…you’ll thank me later.

(Pssst…especially the NuGo Dark Mint Chocolate Chip!)