The Many Adventures of the Vegetarian Foodie!

Yes…you read that right.  Vegetarian Foodie!

And as of February 2010…I’m now a Gluten-Intolerant Vegetarian Foodie!

Some may think that taking meat out of your diet might limit your ability to be considered a “foodie.”  I have to disagree…strongly.  Granted, while it may make finding a meal at a restaurant a bit more of a challenge, any restaurant worth it’s salt is going to have at least a couple of options…or at least a chef who can whip up something to fit my food needs.

Take note chain restaurants like Applebees, T.G.I.Fridays, O’Charley’s…etc…the number of people who are choosing to not eat meat is on the rise.  And your menus leave little beyond salads and soup (sometimes…) that cater to the vegetarian’s among your diners.  In fact, I ate at an Applebees on the way home from a convention last year and had to order a house salad with no cheese and no bacon.  After which, I wrote to the company and received a response…in the form of a letter that explained if I just order this like this then it’s okay…it’s vegetarian.  But more likely than not, “special” orders aren’t always done right, and nothing is worse than having your table’s food arrive and having to send your meal back because it’s not done right.

Food snob?  Perhaps.  But I know what I like.

Even better, I’m willing to try just about anything…as long as it’s vegetarian.

So this blog is my little journey through the restaurants…local and at places where I travel.  You won’t find the unbending overlords of chain restaurants here.  No.  You’ll find reviews of food and places to eat from my journey through my own hometown and those I ramble to.

I love to travel.  I love to cook.  I love to eat.

You’ll get a taste of it all here.  So grab a fork and dig in.

Maybe you’ll discover a hidden gem of a restaurant in your own backyard.

3 Replies to “The Many Adventures of the Vegetarian Foodie!”

  1. Hello Veggie Food Lover! We’d love to send you samples of Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bread. Please send me an email and let me know if you ave interested. Have a ter-RUDI-ific day!
    Thanks – Maggie

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