Meat + 3 establishment = fantastic salad for me at Bernie’s on Main Street

Bernie's On Main Street, Columbiana, Alabama

Bernie's on Main Street, Columbiana, Alabama

Restaurant: Bernie’s on Main Street, Columbiana, Alabama

I know.

Hold the phone, right?  Bernie’s on Main Street in Columbiana, Alabama is classic Southern cooking.  Meat and three.  Veggies are a side item.  So…why is a vegetarian going there?

Because, like most fine establishments, there is more to meet the eye in this beautiful restaurant.  It was the place my sister chose to meet up for lunch when I got into town for the holidays.  Her husband and I had just attempted some shopping, and failed miserably, so we stopped by her office to pick her up and go eat a delicious lunch together.  There is an extremely limited selection of restaurants in Columbiana, and this one wad certainly intriguing.

At lunch, Bernie’s on Main Street offers a standard lunch menu as well as a selection of hot items on the bar.  My sister and her husband, being carnivores, went for the lunch bar.  As I’m kind of limited with being a vegetarian as well as having a couple of food allergies, I stuck to the lunch menu and discovered that this meat-heavy destination has a fantastic selection and variety of salads.

So, I ordered the Mandarin Salad ($6.95) with a small side of the fries ($1.50) (as always…my go-to order!).  And while my food longer to get than flying the lunch bar, it was well worth the wait.

Bernie's on Main Street's small order of fries

Bernie's on Main Street's small order of fries

My food arrived and I loved the look of the salad.  It was simple green lettuce, topped with slivered almonds, Feta cheese, cucumbers and, lastly, mandarin oranges.  Normally served with croutons, they left those off at my request.  And it came with a fantastic mandarin vinaigrette dressing, on the side, so I could put what I wanted on my salad and not have it just swimming in more dressing than I want.  I didn’t even request that.  They just made it happen!  Fruit on salads are a huge love of mine.  The combinations are endless and quite amazing.  And this was no exception.  The sweetness of the oranges paired perfectly with the almonds and the saltiness of the Feta cheese.  It was fantastic all the way down to the last bite.  And as for those fries…cooked to a crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside perfection.  What more could a girl want out of lunch?  Best part…I walked away quite full on just the large salad and small fries.  Quite filling.  Beyond good!

Bernie’s on Main Street is a very nice establishment.  It’s got a great dining atmosphere…casual enough to take a family, but dressed up enough to make you feel like you’re in a fine restaurant.  Even during the lunch hour.  The staff is very nice and make sure you have everything you need.  And everyone walked away satisfied.  My sister told me that at night, it transforms into a high-class, dress-up to dine establishment.  How awesome is that?

Meat + 3 establishments are not difficult to navigate, despite not eating meat and having food sensitivities.  I had a fantastic and safe dining experience at Bernie’s on Main Street.  But I think a lot of my joy came with regard to the people I was dining with.  I had definitely missed spending time with my sister!  She and her husband were, as always, fantastic.

Good food and time with family.  Now that’s a recipe for success.  Bernie’s on Main Street provided the perfect setting with amazing food.

Bernie's on Main Street's Mandarin Salad (no croutons)

Bernie's on Main Street's Mandarin Salad (no croutons)

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